The Dream Project CD

The DREAM Project Compilation CD is comprised of all-original music donated by musicians who have lost someone to suicide, dealt with depression, or want to support the movement to help end the stigma that surrounds mental health. The CD serves as an awareness tool listing the warning signs of suicide and 800 Suicide Prevention Lifeline number, and each volume benefits a different suicide prevention organization.

Raela records at South Eastern Sound Studio
in Campobello, SC.
The Story:
"The Dream" is a poem that Raela Marie Villanueva wrote about her brother "Jr." the week after he took his life March 1997 - he came to her in a dream to say good-bye. Raela met musician Glenn Burnett in 2009 who wrote music to the poem and another called "Sunset". Raela performed The Dream at a fundraiser, sang off-key wearing wings and a wig and vowed never to sing it again. Glenn met singer/songwriter Tiffany Pifer  who sang lead and wrote harmony for Raela - they recorded in studio and The DREAM Project Compilation CD was released April 2011. Raela reached out to musician friends who all donated their music.

Over the next two years Raela had to perform lead on the song for an event for RISE Phoenix, a cycling tour that raises awareness about suicide prevention and the healing power of art. The tour stopped through Pensacola and Raela was asked to perform, realizing she could sing the lead confidently. Her goal was then to re-record the song singing lead vocals. 
Raela performs The Dream at the first CD release party
at Blazzues Night Club in Campobello, SC.
Raela and Friends perform at
the CD release party April 2011
September 2014, Raela made a decision to rewrite the music, making The Dream song her own. With the help of musician and boyfriend Gregory "Wolf" Hodges, the new version was recorded adding Fayssoux Starling McLean on harmony and Jared Miller on harmony and fiddle. Raela reached out to musicians who have been affected by suicide and depression, or just want to be a part of the movement to reach out to others, and Volume 2 was produced and released November 22 on International Survivors Day.
This volume includes Raela's song for her brother Jr:  New Orleans artists Honey Island Swamp Band (written by and featuring Chris Mule for his cousin Tyler Knisley), Dave Jordan, Westbank Mike Doussan & Brett Doussan (in memory of Brett); Gregory "Wolf" Hodges and Fayssoux McLean from Spartanburg, SC; Gulf Coasts artists Damien Louviere, Betsy Badwater, Luna Zepp, and LaRue Allegretto (for Lydia Mahone), and LA Singer/Songwriter Lynn Carey Saylor (for her brother Scott Wesley Meierhenry). The final song "Lydia's Song" is a collaboration piece produced by John & Amy Jinks from The Genesis Party, featuring the Mahones & Friends, in honor of Lydia jade Mahone.  Volume 2 was mastered by Buddy Strong with South Eastern Sound Studio and Rusty Milner and produced by Emerald Coast Pixie Productions, LLC.
Gregory "Wolf" Hodges plays Raela's brother's guitar on the new version of The Dream
Fayssoux and Raela at Fayssoux's CD release party at The Station Inn in Nashville, TN in September 2014
Raela with Buddy Strong, sound engineer for Volume 2
John Jinks with TGP records with the Mahone's and Friends for Lydia's Song
The Mission:
The Mission of The DREAM Project CD is to continue to produce more volumes, reaching out to more artists who have been affected, and reaching out to bigger artists to join the movement, raising awareness and reaching their fan bases through the music. There will eventually be a college campus tour where Raela will speak to students, and musicians can perform their songs.  There are 1,100 reported college suicides per year.  Suicide CAN BE PREVENTED - it's time to talk about it.

Who Benefits:
Proceeds from the sales of each volume will benefit different suicide prevention organizations. Volume 1 will benefit UWF Active Minds which is comprised of college students advocating for the mental well-being of other students, and the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition. Proceeds from Volume 2 will benefit the AHERO Foundation (America's Heroes Enjoying Recreational Outdoors), a non-profit dedicated to providing a support network for vets reducing veteran suicide rates.

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This fundraising campaign will cover the costs for Emerald Coast Pixie Productions, LLC to produce Volume 2 including studio time for The Dream, mastering of the CD, video production for a promotional video to be launched with CD release party after the holidays, production of 1,000 CD's through CD Baby/Disc Makers to start, re-order of 1,000 copies of volume 1, and all promotional materials. Any donations made beyond the fundraising goal will go towards the production of more CD's for both volumes. And to show our appreciation, for every donation of 25$ or more, we will send you a copy of the dream project volume 2! For every donation of $40 or more, we will send you a copy of both volumes!
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